6 Ways Azeus Convene Software Will Change Your Business Tomorrow

Many companies still consider board meetings on virtual platforms to be nothing more than an experiment, but as practice shows, it is very successful. Azeus Convene software has been repeatedly tested and proved to be excellent. This article will explain the benefits Azeus Convene software can bring to your business.

What is Azeus Convene software?

New times dictate new approaches to familiar processes. And if earlier online board meetings were a kind of addition to direct communications, now it is often the only way to organize effective interaction between board members. Therefore, modern companies use innovative digital solutions like the Azeus Convene board portal to organize productive and secure business events. The software allows boards to manage and control the workflow with minimal effort. The system includes electronic document management, analytical reporting, employee work schedule, and meetings.

This automation tool is possible in any area and scale of business. For example, automation of the processes of control and evaluation of the board management and risk management system allows you to solve the following tasks:

  • reduction of labor costs for the performance of control activities;
  • implementing a confidentiality and security policy for working papers and review reports;
  • proper quality control of the implementation of monitoring and evaluation procedures, as well as activities and implementation of decisions taken at the board meetings;
  • exclusion of random errors in the planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation procedures.

Azeus Convene in your business prospects: 6 basic benefits

The main advantage of the Azeus Convene board software is the focus of the program as a whole on conducting fast and efficient work. The business effect of using this board portal can be defined in the following 6 benefits:

  1. The time for preparing the meeting is reduced by four times since the agenda is coordinated and the participants are familiarized with it in electronic form.
  2. Employees are not late and do not miss meetings: new meetings are automatically embedded in the Outlook calendar, and participants receive meeting reminders.
  3. The preparation for the meeting is improving: the agenda is agreed upon in advance, and the meeting materials are attached.
  4. Thanks to high-quality preparation and an agreed agenda, the duration of meetings are reduced by 30%.
  5. Monitoring the implementation of the decisions made – as a result, the effectiveness of meetings is increased by 70%.
  6. One of the most advanced content capabilities, with support for creating and tracking the life cycle, entering various documents, storing documents in a separate archive, and combining different formats.

How to set up board meetings in the software?

So, Azeus Convene assists secretaries in preparing materials for meetings, supervising their progress, and forming minutes. Members of collegiate bodies, in turn, receive a full-fledged workplace for face-to-face and absentee meetings. The application can be used both on tablets and mobile phones.

Any employee can quickly get acquainted with the decision and the vote result. Detailed information on each meeting is always available on the card. In the “Meetings” section, determine the most appropriate settings for the built-in calendar and the “Start a meeting now” function. The Notifications tab allows you to change the meeting notification mode and define the conditions for receiving them. If necessary, specify the programs to be attached as integrated modules in the “Integrations” subsection. Finally, look at Video Devices – you may need to turn on auto-discovery to pair with nearby devices.

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